countries – 7 academies – summer 2016


A European Network of Summer Academies focusing on Entrepreneurship driven
by ICT and Creativity. The Academic and business prospective converge in CREA
giving you the opportunity as a Summer Academy student to benefit from
knowledge and experience gathered from all over Europe


When you join one of the CREA Summer Academies, you start with an idea and a vision, and go out with an entrepreneurial attitude together with a great start-up experience.

In CREA we turn ideas into great teams and great start-ups.

You will be provided with an all-around training that brings you from the identification of market opportunities, to the conceptualization, planning, and start-up of a new venture.

You will study theories and practices from Creativity, Technology and Entrepreneurship, demonstrating the value of design thinking, business modeling, innovation, customer validation and creative process. You will also get coaching on team skills and intercultural cooperation.

The best teams compete in an international Business Contest, which will be held during a big event in Europe in the fall of 2016!


Bolt Team
“Crea summer academy has been an incredible melting pot where we have been positively affected by interdisciplinary contributes coming from incredible mentors. We have met people we are still in touch and they deeply influenced the design of our business idea. It’s incredible how the different perspectives belonging to various fields influenced us and make us grow as person and future entrepreneurs”
Bolt Team, Bolt Team
Musa Team
“CREA has been essential for us: it streamlined our direction, it made
us bond more, and it gave access to a great number of fantastic and
motivated people with whom we still exchange advice.
We strongly advice CREA to whomever feels the passion of starting
something new and is seeking for the strength to pull it off”
Homey Team
“New knowledge and networking with a number of experts had opened new opportunities for us. CREA equipped us with the skills that enabled us to confidently conquer new markets and to tackle the challenges ahead”
Aquarius Team
“Attending last year’s Summer Academy was a wonderful experience.
Our team was a intercultural and interdisciplinary.
I really loved the interdisciplinary co-creation. All of us are
students with a different background of education. This is the most
solid base for a group to expand your own knowledge. I would really
recommend CREA to combine the students into teams with the most
different study backgrounds”